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Daan and Emma most popular Dutch baby names in 2011

Daan and Emma were the most popular new baby names for boys and girls names in the Netherlands last year.

Daan was the most popular boys’ name nationally in 2011 and the most popular name for girls was Emma, according to the annual Top 20 of the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), the authority which pays the children’s allowance. The list was announced Wednesday.

Sem was the second most popular boys’ name in the Netherlands, followed by Milan. The second most popular girls’ name nationally is Julia followed by Sophie. In 2011, 92,337 boys and 87,974 girls were born.

Sophie and Sem were the most popular Dutch names in 2010.

Name trends are a matter of fashion, but they mean more than the latest hot color or hemline. They’re heartfelt reflections of parents’ values, hopes and dreams.

Top 10 Dutch baby names:
1. Daan en Emma
2. Sem en Julia
3. Milan en Sophie
4. Levi en Lotte
5. Luuk en Isa
6. Lucas en Lisa
7. Jayden en Saar
8. Thomas en Lieke
9. Stijn en Eva
10. Jesse en Anna