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Deep Purple coming to the Netherlands

On December 2nd of 2011 Deep Purple will give a special concert in Gelredome Arnhem XS.

It’s not just an ordinary concert, because a large orchestra will accompany this concert. The presale for this special concert of Deep Purple begins next Friday on March 25.

The music of Deep Purple has an unlimited shelf life and it is no wonder that they treated the Dutch public to great live performances several times. Still, the number of concerts where a complete orchestra is accompanying Deep Purple, can be counted on one finger.

Founded in 1968, this legendary British rock band has made many timeless classics. The biggest hit Child in Time competes for the No. 1 position in the All Time Top 1000 every year. But songs as Smoke on the Water, Hush and Strange Kind of Woman are also present on the shelf of every rock lover.

Mojo Concerts announced this news on Tuesday. PreSales for the ticket starts on Friday, March 25th, at 10:00 hours.