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Dutch company gives new meaning to ‘Designer rings’

Amsterdam based start-up develops innovative projects that combine web creativity with fine jewelry. is the world’s first website to create custom design engraved rings online. In a “NikeID-like” environment, visitors can choose from typefaces from world-renowned font foundry Underware or upload their own design. The rings appear on screen, using innovative 3D web technology. The premium silver and gold rings start at an affordable €165/$199.

On the personalised jewelry website, visitors can view their designs from every angle in a “NikeID-like” environment, thanks to innovative 3D web technology. Creative people can design an affordable custom engraved ring with a message on both the outside and the inside, without having to use the clichéd Courier, Futura or Edwardian Script.

Create your own ring online is the world’s first website to create personalised rings. Visitors can enter their own text and choose from eight divergent typefaces from Dutch type foundry Underware to give their words the right spirit, or upload a custom design.

The premium rings are made to order by one of the Netherlands’ oldest goldsmiths and are available in silver, white gold or yellow gold. The laser-engraved rings are delivered worldwide within 10 days. Prices start at an affordable €165/$199.

Ring sizes
With every order, customers get a free ‘ring size card’ to measure their ring size from the comfort of their home.

Carry your story close to you
Typering is more than just a ring. It’s a story that is worn close to the wearer. The inscription could be in honour of a loved one. As a gift to yourself. As a statement. To remember and live again. To freeze a point in time and share it with the world.

About founders Rik Heijmen and Tanja Soeter envisioned exactly what their wedding rings should look like: basic wide bands – in white gold – with a text in a tasteful type, engraved on the outside. To their surprise they couldn’t find a stylish and affordable way to create custom designed, engraved rings online. That’s when the idea to start the business was born. Rings Love Type