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Desktops in the cloud in 3 Years Time

With increasing interest in cloud technologies, something that’d be interesting is having a desktop in the cloud.

Everything seems to be moving to the cloud, HP and IBM are upping their Desktop Virtualization.

European director of Google’s online sales John Herlihy said that “In three years time, desktops will be irrelevant. In Japan, most research is done today on smart phones, not PCs,” he said at the Digital Landscapes conference at UCD. Google is focusing towards mobile devices with Android and Nexus One, claiming they’ll become more important than desktop PCs.

Ubuntu is working on a Desktop in the Cloud project, a new feature in Ubuntu 10.04. Now you can launch Ubuntu Desktop instances on EC2 and connect to them with an NX client.

IBM has also begun taking desktop computing to the cloud. The company released a virtualized client computing offering which will let business users login to their desktops from either a thin-client terminal or low-end PC.

A few of the reasons why desktop in the cloud is interesting:
– Remote access from anywhere and any OS
– Multiple users on the same server/VM
– Easier deployment and maintenance

If your data moves to the cloud, and most of your daily online activities are done on mobile devices such as the Nexus One, iPhone and the iPad, where simple applications cater to your precise needs, then desktop PCs as we know them now will become a lot less important.

Do you think that desktop PCs will really become irrelevant soon?