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DHV working on sewerage and wastewater treatment in Siverek, Turkey

Engineering and consultancy firm DHV is part of a consortium retained to construct a sewerage and drainage network and wastewater treatment facilities for the city of Siverek in eastern Turkey. The consortium led by WYG International, also includes WYG Turkey and ER-GE Design Engineering Consulting. The project forms part of the ‘Environmental Operational Programme’ (EOP) conducted under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The consortium’s contribution has a contract value of three million Euros.
Operational and financial efficiency

At present, Siverek has no properly designed sewerage system and no wastewater treatment facilities. This project will introduce proper sanitation facilities for a population of approximately 100,000. Not only will it improve human health and hygiene, but there will also be significant environmental benefits as discharges of untreated effluent become a thing of the past. The consortium will also provide support and training to the local Water Utility Department, a semi-autonomous body responsible for the management of the drinking water and sewerage systems. It is hoped that capacity building will significantly improve the efficiency and sustainability of the department’s management activities, leading to better operational and financial results.

Within the project, DHV is responsible for overseeing the process design of the wastewater treatment facilities and will act as technical advisor during their construction. The company will also play a role in strengthening the Water Utility Department, at which 65 staff are to be given training.
Turkey invests in water infrastructure in anticipation of EU membership

The project forms part of the European Union’s Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA), which exists to help countries wishing to join the EU meet the requirements of the various European directives. “As an EU candidate, Turkey is now making significant investments in infrastructure such as water supply and sewerage systems”, states Jaap Butter, senior project leader with DHV. “Those investments are essential if efficiency, both administrative and operational, is to be brought up to the required level.” The project commenced in January 2012 and is scheduled for completion by late 2015.