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Diets Don’t Work, says Dutch Study

For most people, diets simply don’t work.

The latest evidence: a recent Dutch study published in the New England Journal of Medicine examining diets.

Martijn Katan of the Institute of Health Sciences at VU University in Amsterdam, author of one of the many studies on the limits of dieting, quoted in U.S. News & World Report.

If you as an individual want to change your weight, you must change your whole life. Likewise, to reduce obesity in modern society, we will have to alter the way society is organized.
But in looking for a broad-based, cost-effective solution to the problem of obesity, some wonder whether the field needs a major attitude change.

It’s a basic instinct, even stronger than the sexual instinct, to store calories to survive the next period of starvation, says Martijn Katan. “And we live in an environment where there’s food every half mile. It’s tasty, cheap, convenient, and you can eat it with one hand,” he says. Against that background, he argues, individual treatment, whether focusing on dietary components or behavior, is most often futile.