Google and Dutch national libraries team up to create digital library

Google is teaming up with the National Library of the Netherlands to scan more than 160,000 of the books in its collection.

Dutch Public libraries, university libraries, the Royal Dutch Library and the Digital Library of Dutch Literature are working together to create one large online catalog, where people can search easier and better for books.

This National Library Catalogue (NBC) should come online by the end of 2010.

The Internet giant said in a blog post that the public domain works will be made available via Google Books and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek will receive copies of the scans that can be viewed via the library’s website.

“The books we’ll be scanning constitute nearly the library’s entire collection of out-of-copyright books, written during the 18th and 19th centuries,” said Philippe Colombet, a Google strategic partnership development manager.

“Anyone interested in Dutch history will be able to access and view a fascinating range of works by prominent Dutch thinkers, statesmen, poets and academics and gain new insights into the development of the Netherlands as a nation state,” he said.

Google said the National Library of the Netherlands had already started scanning other works in its collection.

Google announced similar agreements earlier this year with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Austrian National Library.

“It’s exciting to note just how many libraries and cultural ministries are now looking to preserve and improve access to their collections by bringing them online,” Colombet said.

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