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Digital speed cameras a huge success

The digital speed cameras in Nijmegen in 2010 that are placed to replace the old analog units, already led to nearly a fivefold increase in the number of fines.

In 2009 just over six thousand people were fined for speeding or red light running, in 2010 there were nearly 29,000 people fined, reports newspaper de Gelderlander.

The figures clearly show that the new speed cameras seem necessary, according to police in Gelderland-Zuid.

Digital speed cameras operate continuously since there is no need to replace old-fashioned film rolls and will automatically be read out remotely. The cameras register a more accurate reading, working with invisible infrared light and are less prone to failure.

The photos do not have to be developed and scanned, they are immediately delivered digitally. This means that offender receives the fine earlier in the mail.

With the analogue model that takes easily six weeks, during the same period, the road users can go wrong multiple times. With digital speed cameras the driver is warned much faster.

Photo By Heiloo-Online