Digital TVs found in seven in ten Dutch households

Digital TVs found in seven in ten Dutch households

Seven in ten Dutch households have a digital television set; the rate is three times as high as half a decade ago. TVs with Internet access are also becoming more and more common in Dutch households according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

Last year, 71 percent of Dutch households including at least one person in the age category 12-74 owned a digital TV, i.e. three times as often as five years ago. A digital TV is different from its analog predecessor in that more channels can be received and the picture and sound quality is higher. TVs with Internet access are also becoming more popular. Last year, 20 percent of households owned a TV with Internet access. TVs with Internet access were extremely rare in 2007.

The ownership rate of digital TVs and TVs with Internet access is lowest among one-person households and highest among couples with children. Six in ten singles own a digital TV versus eight in ten couples with children.

Nearly three in ten households in the highest income bracket have a TV with access to the Internet, twice as often as households in the lowest income bracket. With 63 percent, the digital TV ownership rate is also somewhat lower in low-income households than in high-income households.

  • RKane

    Yet in other Dutch news they write that Dutch Unemployment Continues to Rise & Dutch people are leaving the Netherlands in record numbers. Must be those good paying unemployment benefits that are capable of supporting the luxury of digital and Internet. Maybe it is those rich Immigrants who send €1.5bn home every year to family members in their country of origin.

    Conflicting Dutch News also reports or just more sensationalized Dutch journalism to attract readers attention.
    Consumer spending drop reaches three-year low – Dutch
    Bankruptcies reach record level.- More people are emigrating from the Netherlands- The official Dutch unemployment rate rose to 7.2% in December.

  • Jan_Haagh

    People from Romania and Bulgaria send the most cash home – around €1,600 per person. Must be some rich Romanians and Bulgarians since they are the first to claim how poor they live and always first to ask for charity. Now the truth comes out. No need to wonder anymore why many people consider them thieves and gypsies.

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