Discover a city with tips from locals

Discover a city with tips from locals

The biggest problem during your stay in a foreign city is that you can’t find the nice, local place where you can be among the citizens instead of hundred other tourists.

The latter happened only in the past, because Dutch startup LocalCrowd officially launched today. LocalCrowd is a platform for locals and travelers from all around the world. gives travelers and locals tools to easily share information. Question and answers can be plugged on Google Maps, which makes it visible what to do and where to go. Furthermore, the connection with Facebook makes it easy to get your Facebook-friends involved. Locals are encouraged by earning points and badges for giving the most valuable answers. For example, locals can become a Dining expert, a Culture expert or even a general Local Expert of their city.

Jorrit Baerends, founder of, says: “We’re doing our best to give travelers the possibility of a true local experience. I think that with our current set of tools, travelers can finally find the information from locals they need. Instead of asking random locals in the street, you can plan your trip in front with local information. And you’re able to collect background information about this local.”

“We try to create an open platform to help travelers with local information. External services as Facebook and Google Maps give tools to enhance the user experience.”

About LocalCrowd
LocalCrowd is founded by Mea Vota Development BV from Amsterdam. The owner, Jorrit Baerends, has already launched several succesfull internet concepts. He is the founder of,, and

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