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Dog calls Dutch Police

A dog in the Dutch city Brunssum called 112 the Dutch emergency telephone number tuesday morning according to the police.

When police called back, the line was busy, then a police patrol drove to the address at the Kemp Street in Brunssum. When the officers arrived they saw the dog in the living room going around with the Christmas tree, the Christmas decorations were scattered around the room.

This led to the phone falling to the ground, and the dog probably dialed 112 with his paw. “When the emergency room answered the call, they got the dog barking on the line,” according to a spokesman.

In many parts of the world, an emergency service can identify the telephone number that a call has been placed from even for users who have unlisted numbers or who block caller ID. For an individual fixed landline telephone, the caller’s number can often be associated with the caller’s address and therefore their location.

Photo by by chromatophobe