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Dracula’s Castle becomes wedding venue

If you are looking for a unique wedding venue, Bran Castle in Romania, known as Castle Dracula, will be open for weddings soon. For about 500,000 Euros the Castle can be rented for a unique wedding location with up to fifty guests. This was reported by TV station Antena 3 in Romania on Sunday.

The first couple has already booked the location according to the current owners of the Dracula castle, Archduke Dominic Habsburg and his two sisters. According to the family they select who can or cannot marry in the castle. As the festive party can access virtually all of the family shelter, the candidates and their guests has to be of good character.

The family has recovered the Bran castle in 2006 from the Romanian government. The years after it was renovated and restored to original condition. Since last year part of the Castle is open again to the public.

On January 26 2009 it was revealed that the family had decided not to sell the castle, but instead turn it into a museum dedicated to the history of the surrounding area and the history and memory of Queen Marie and her family.

There is acknowledgement in the castle of the tangential association with Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) upon whom the fictional character, Dracula is loosely based., the most brutal warlord Vlad Tepes (1431-1476), would have lived in the castle.

Photo by borderlys