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DROAM: considerably less expensive mobile internet abroad

Value8 NV, the listed investing company, announces that it has acquired a 25 percent stake in Droam BV. Droam ( is an innovative company that offers users affordable mobile data both for mobile phones and laptops while abroad. Value8 expects that Droam will be very succesful in the coming years due to the strong growth in mobile data traffic, as well as the current sky-high tariffs charged by existing cellular providers for data roaming while abroad.

Much cheaper, but also faster and more flexible mobile internet

Droam is an abbreviation of “data roaming”, which means the transmission and retrieval of data to and from a mobile telephone or a laptop. Droam uses a small device (“mifi”) to offer a simple way to get online with one’s mobile phone or laptop while abroad.

Droam is an initiative of Phillip Actor, who is also the majority shareholder (50 percent) and CEO of Droam. After he was himself confronted with exceptionally high charges for roaming data usage on a trip to the U.S., he started Droam in the summer of 2010. It quickly became apparent that this frustration with high data roaming charges as well as the resulting need for controlling these costs were shared by many others. Since launching, Droam has acquired many satisfied users. Thanks to the easy-to-use Droam, high telephone bills resulting from the receiving of e-mails or using the internet during a stay abroad are now a thing of the past.

How does Droam work?

The device – named “The Droam” – is about the size of a car key and acts as a mobile wifi router (“mifi”). It creates a wireless internet connection between the cellular network using Droam’s cheaper data plan and a wifi-enabled device such as a mobile phone, laptop, or even an e-reader user’s mobile device. Up to 5 devices can connect to Droam at once. The great benefit of Droam is that the user can still be reached via their telephone while abroad, but can turn their expensive international “data roaming” off, thereby cutting costs.

Data with Droam costs just €3.50 for 50MB per day, or €65 per Gigabyte. The Droam can either be rented for a certain time (for example, the duration of a vacation or business trip), or purchased. For every Droam rented, €1.50 will be donated to KiKa (a Dutch charity fighting against childhood cancer). Droam is targeting both vacationers and business customers. The Droam is currently being offered by many travel organizations.

Satisfied users of Droam proclaim: “After years of paying way too much for international travel due to the exorbitant tariffs for mobile internet, Droam is a relief. Affordable data abroad is now here!”

Significant advantages of Droam at a glance:

AFFORDABLE: Affordable use of data roaming abroad. Droam’s prices are up to 95% lower than those of the established providers such as KPN, Vodafone, and T-Mobile. Just €3.50 for 50MB per day, or €65 per Gigabyte.

SAFE: A reliable and secure internet connection offering high speeds.

MULTIPLE USERS: Up to 5 devices can use one Droam at once to get online.

FLEXIBLE: Flexibility through the option of renting Droam for shorter periods. The user is not contractually bound to a plan, but can make use of Droam’s service when he or she wishes without consequences or changes to his or her own mobile number or plan.

SIMPLE: You don’t have to be a nerd to use a Droam. There are simple instructions provided, and the device can be easily activated and used by even the most computer illiterate amongst us.

WORRY-FREE: Worry-free internet on a telephone or laptop while abroad.

Value8 acquires 25 percent stake

Value8 NV’s investment will be used to expand both Droam’s organization and its capacity. Value8 expects that Droam’s brand recognition will quickly grow in the coming months, and that the demand – particularly in light of the approaching vacation periods (Spring Break, May vacation, and summer vacation) – will quickly grow due to its popularity. Value8 wants to contribute in convincing the traveller – both the business traveller and vacationer – of the considerable advantages of this product.

Value8’s investment is in keeping with its policy to invest in innovative efforts.  Value8’s investment focus is on growing undertakings, including those in the “internet” and “leisure” sectors. The Droam fits perfectly into the trend towards more and easier internet usage, and suits a comfortable vacation experience. In that sense, the Droam simultaneously covers two of the focus areas.