High School Dropouts Do Get Jobs in the Netherlands

School dropouts are much less likely to be employed than those that graduate in the Netherlands.

According to figures by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) there are fewer early school-leavers who find a job in the long run than school-leavers with a basic qualification.

In 2008, 72 percent of pupils who left school without a basic qualification in school year 2004 – 2005 had a job. For pupils who left school with a basic qualification, 92 percent had a paid job in the fourth year after leaving school.

Nearly 100 thousand pupils and students aged 15 to 23 years left secondary and senior secondary vocational education (mbo) in school year 2004/’05; 53 thousand of these students were early school-leavers, i.e. they had not attained a basic qualification.

In the fourth year after leaving school, 72 percent of early school-leavers had a job. This is considerably more than the number who had a job in the first year after leaving school: only 57 percent.

For school-leavers with a basic qualification the percentage who found a job rose from 81 percent in the first year to 92 percent in the fourth year.

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