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DSM invests in nanotechnology company NanoHoldings, LLC

Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company in the Netherlands, has made an investment in NanoHoldings LLC, a company that specializes in breakthrough nanotechnology discoveries in the field of energy. Financial details of the investment will not be disclosed.

NanoHoldings, LLC, based in Rowayton (Connecticut, United States), finds, nurtures and commercializes breakthrough Materials Science discoveries through partnerships with world-class universities and their leading scientists. Nanomaterials have very interesting intrinsic mechanical as well as electrical and thermal properties that can be leveraged in a broad range of applications.

DSM Venturing invests in start-up companies with a focus on emerging technologies, developments and activities that are strategically important to DSM. Venture capital investing in early stage companies is an integral part of DSM’s innovation approach. DSM Venturing is focused on teaming up with innovative players all over the world in order to support DSM’s innovation and growth strategy.

“DSM has a strong interest in nanotechnology as an important enabler in Materials Sciences and is already working on new developments that make use of this technology.” says Marcel Wubbolts, Chief Technology Officer at DSM. “NanoHoldings’ unique business provides us with additional open innovation potential in nanotechnology enabling DSM to develop new business opportunities.”

Innovations that show promise could be further developed outside of NanoHoldings and eventually co-financed through DSM Venturing or possibly acquired by DSM. NanoHoldings’ network of universities and scientists, most of them with physics backgrounds and oriented towards applications, is complimentary to DSM’s own chemistry-heavy network.

“We are really excited to have DSM join us as an investor. Our shared vision of a better tomorrow through development of innovative new materials brought us together,” says Justin Hall-Tipping, CEO of NanoHoldings. “DSM’s long history of new materials innovation makes them the perfect partner for NanoHoldings. We look forward to being able to leverage DSM’s wealth of R&D expertise and experience.”
NanoHoldings, LLC

NanoHoldings, LLC specializes in finding, nurturing and commercializing breakthrough Materials Science discoveries through partnerships with world-class universities and their leading scientists. The company’s strategy involves investing at the earliest possible stage of development in new materials that will radically change the paradigm of energy generation, storage, conservation and consumption. NanoHoldings funds the development of world improving technologies and also has a solid business model for bringing products to market that will balance sustainability with profitability. Increasing concerns over global warming, together with the continuing rise in energy prices, are likely to create a situation in the next three to five years in which NanoHoldings’ diversified nano-energy portfolio will prove to be exceptionally valuable. More information can be found at