Dutch abroad able to vote at all embassies

Dutch people who live beyond the European Union may vote for the first time at the embassy in the country where they reside for the upcoming Dutch elections on June 9. Until now, this happened only with large embassies in the countries where many Dutch are living. Now it is possible at all 93 embassies outside the EU.

The voters there should already be register with the municipality of The Hague. After registering voters receive a ballot at home. Then they can mark their choice with a red pencil on the ballot and send it by mail or give it by hand at the embassy on time. The embassy will then cast votes directly to the Netherlands.

Dutch in an EU country can only sent their ballot by mail to The Hague. The relatively short distance makes the bills on time.

The red pencil is required when voting from abroad. Previous occasions, a significant proportion of the votes cast across the border invalidated because voters had colored box with a blue or black ballpoint pen.

Incidentally brings only a limited part of the estimated hundreds of thousands of Dutch citizens living abroad voted. Last year, 48,000 of them presented at the European elections. Only Dutch, who hold Dutch nationality, have yet to vote.

Photo by Pictorescue

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