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Dutch Aircraft Fokker is back

Investment NG Aircraft is developing a new Fokker aircraft, the Fokker 100 NG. Preparations for this are already in process for eighteen months. The first Fokker 100 NM is expected in may 2015.

According to Jaap Rosen Jacobson, owner of NG Aircraft, Ministry of Economic Affairs has made available a loan of 20 million euros. Only the European Commission still needs to approve this.

The construction of new aircraft should sell around 40 planes to make them economically viable. The aim is to build the aircraft in the Netherlands.

The Fokker 100 NG (Next Generation) is based on the structure of the Fokker 100, but features include the latest electronics and engines. The aim is to create an aircraft that is more environmentally friendly then other comparable aircraft and will have about 120 seats.

The Dutch aircraft maker Fokker went bankrupt almost fourteen years ago.