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Dutch airlines drop ticket prices for 2012

For once, there’s some good news for air travelers heading to and from the Netherlands, as it appears Dutch airlines are setting their ticket prices substantially lower than last year.

On Wednesday KLM will cut ticket prices at up to 40% lower. Many airlines will follow not to lose market share.

The KLM discounts apply for eighty popular destinations across Europe, reaffirmed Harm Kreulen CEO of KLM Netherlands last night against the newspaper. The discount prices are valid for three weeks, for traveling until mid-June.

An estimated one hundred thousand Dutch benefit from the promotion. A roundtrip to Curacao with KLM costs about Euro 499 all in, the same for New York and Istanbul 179 euros.

Beijing drops from 919 to 599 euros, 499 euros to 894 from Xiamen. With the promotion KLM’s plans to get their planes full faster this year.