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Dutch American singles wanted for Dutch TV show

Dutch American singles wanted for Dutch TV show

Are you of Dutch origins, single and looking for true love?

Have you been raised abroad with (a bit of) Dutch blood in your system? Let one of the biggest TV channels in The Netherlands help you find love.

Dutch TV network (Blue Circle) is looking for singles from the USA of Dutch origin who want to take part of a new heartwarming television show about Dutch love.

The show is going to be an integer, adventurous and dynamic reality-show with the feel of a travel program. Recordings are taking place in the USA and in Holland to see how it is to live in the two types of cultures.

The new TV show wants to help single men and woman with Dutch roots, who were raised with one foot in each culture, to find the right partner. The show is based on a reality-show with the feeling of traveling, experience, positivity and sincerity. A strong requirement is that you are born and raised in the US with Dutch origins.

Would you like to date interesting and attractive Dutch men or women? Do you want to explore Dutch culture? Do you want to be a part of an exciting adventure that will be shot in both, the Netherlands, and your country? Then please apply!

Applicants must be:
– Dutch origins (or Dutch family roots; Dutch grandparents etc.)
– Living in the USA
– Single (of course!)
– Age: between 21-45

Please visit Blue Circle’s website to apply.