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Dutch architects design luxury residential towers in Seoul

Dutch architects design luxury residential towers in Seoul

Dutch architecture firm MVRDV designed two connected luxury residential towers in Seoul, Korea.

Yongsan Dream Hub corporation presented the MVRDV designed residential development of the Yongsan Business district The Cloud: two connected luxury residential high-rises. A 260 meter tall tower and a 300 meter tall tower are connected in the centre by a pixelated cloud of additional program offering amenities and outside spaces with wide views. The towers with a total surface of 128,000m2 are expected to be completed in 2015.

The two towers are positioned at the entrance of the Yongsan Dreamhub project, a master plan designed by Studio Libeskind, extending the business district of the South Korean capital Seoul. The southern tower reaches a height of 260 meters with 54 floors, the northern tower 300 meters with 60 floors. Halfway, at the level of the 27th floor the cloud is positioned, a 10 floor tall pixelated volume, connecting the two towers. The cloud differentiates the project from other luxury developments, it moves the plinth upwards and makes space on ground floor level for public gardens, designed by Martha Schwartz.

The Rotterdam architecture agency caused some uproar with the design, strongly reminiscent of the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York.