Dutch artist fills room with 24 hours of Flickr photos

Dutch artist fills room with 24 hours of Flickr photos

Dutch visual artist Erik Kessels is going beyond imagination for his project, Photography In Abundance, by literally printing out every image uploaded to Flickr in a 24-hour period.

Kessels wanted to give visitors the opportunity to grasp the immense scale of just how many photos are shared on one site on a daily basis.

Judging from the picture below, that’s a lot of images. More over, these are just the pictures from Flickr; imagine what it would look like if Kessels dug into Facebook, Twitter and other photo-hosting sites such as Picasa.

The installation is on display at the Foam photography gallery in Amsterdam as part of What’s Next?, an exhibit examining the future of photography.

Foam is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. For this occasion, Foam has created ‘What’s Next?’, a project exploring the future of photography. Foam has posed the question of ‘what’s next?’ throughout this anniversary year to a variety of people in a variety of locations. What will the future of photography bring? For photographers? For photography institutions? For Foam? The Future of the Photography Museum exhibition marks the conclusion of this investigation and of Foam’s anniversary year.

For a month, Foam will be different than usual. During the entire month of November, Foam is offering its visitors a glimpse into the future of a photography museum. In The Future of the Photography Museum, Foam explores not only how photography can be shown in the form of an exhibition, but also how audiences can be made partners in numerous activities. Presenting, informing and participating; the exhibition offers a unique visual experience on every level as well as a great deal of material for thought.

For The Future of the Photography Museum, Foam has invited four guest curators in the field of international culture, each of whom has interpreted the theme in their own way. The result is an intriguing exhibition with four distinct and sometimes provocative presentations.

News and activities on the What’s Next? website are updated regularly. Go to /whatsnext for the latest information.

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