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Dutch artist to make ice in desert

Dutch artist Ap Verheggen has announced plans to create a leaf-shaped “glacier” in the desert named SunGlacier, which will “produce a layer of ice on the leaf’s ridged underside.”

The name SunGlacier embraces the contrast between ice and desert. At the same time it covers the counter-intuitive aim of the project to create ice in the desert by making use of the energy of the sun.

SunGlacier will demonstrate that with the current state of technology much can be achieved in the way of a response. We mean to explore the boundaries of technology and realise the seemingly impossible. Our first work of art will freeze by placing it in the sun.

The SunGlacier art project hopes to stimulate people to think creatively about solutions to the challenges of climate change.

Follow the project at or become friends on the Facebook Page SunGlacier