All Dutch banknotes printed abroad

All Dutch banknotes printed abroad

No new Dutch banknotes will be printed in the Netherlands in 2012.

For the first time, since the introduction of the euro, printing company Joh. Enschede from Haarlem, lost the printing contract of The Dutch Bank (DNB).

The Dutch bank will have all banknotes printed in Germany and Great Britain late next year.

The Dutch Bank is required to order the new banknotes from European printing companies, in order to promote fair competition and to work in a cheap and efficient way.

The contract goes to the German printers Bundesdruckerei en Giesecke & Devrient and the British printer De La Rue International.

DNB made the contract in collaboration with seven other central banks from the EU.

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) acts as an adviser to the Dutch government. Also, it performs important functions in several consultative bodies. In offering independent economic advice, DNB contributes to sound economic policy-making on both the national and the international level. DNB is able to do so on the strength of its expertise, its reputation and its independent position.

Together with the ECB and the central banks of the other euro area countries, DNB is engaged in developing secure banknotes. DNB issues new banknotes and keeps the banknote circulation in shape. Every day, DNB checks five to six million banknotes for authenticity and fitness. Soiled and damaged banknotes go straight to the shredder and are replaced by new ones.

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