Dutch bankruptcies fall to six-year low

Dutch bankruptcies fall to six-year low

According to Statistics Netherlands, 370 businesses and institutions (excluding one-man businesses) were declared bankrupt in May this year, i.e. 84 down from the previous month.

The number of bankruptcies fell noticeably in the sectors trade and manufacturing industry. In May, it reached the lowest level since November 2008.

Most bankruptcies in sector financial services
With a total of 88, most liquidations were filed in the sector financial services. In the trade sector as a whole, bankruptcies decreased by 46 to 59. Retail trade saw a significant decline in bankruptcies in particular. In the manufacturing industry, the number of bankruptcies was reduced nearly by half, from 38 in April to 20 in May.

The sectors trade and financial services include the highest number of businesses. With 25 and 52 bankruptcies respectively, the transport sector and the construction industry had the highest bankruptcy rates in May.

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