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Dutch Baseball Team Starts Out Swinging

During the World Baseball Classic in Puerto Rico the Dutch Baseball Team won 2-1 from the Dominican Republic baseball superpower.

The Netherlands also surprisingly won on Saturday with 3-2 in the Dominican Republic. On Monday Netherlands lost at the unofficial tournament with 3-1 in Puerto Rico. To reach the second round, the Dutch team had to try to beat the Dominican Republic again.

The Dutch Baseball team will now travel to Miami, where they are going to play on Saturday against the United States or Venezuela.

Sidney de Jong took the lead. The player from Amsterdam hit a two-base run and could continue to the third base with a groundball of Curth Smith and home base with a hit by Eugene Kingsale enabled them make a draw.

Pitcher Carlos Marmol of the Dominicans made a mistake by throwing the ball past his first baseman in an attempt to strike out Kingsale.

Yurendell de Caster was able to hit a home run for the winning point.

The Netherlands is Known for Bicycles, Clogs, Windmills, Cheese, and OWNING THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! Surely, no bigger testament exists than this to baseball’s growing popularity around the world.