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Dutch biggest contributor to EU

The Dutch are again the biggest net contributors to the European Union, according to PVV MEP Daniel van der Stoep’s calculations.

The Dutch paid 266.70 euros Net per person in 2008 for the European Union. This is based on the last known EU report, which appeared late last year.

The Netherlands has contributed 4.4 billion euros in total to the EU. That is the difference between the payments to the EU and received subsidies.

”I can not understand a lot of money. And that amount is even after the 1 billion euro discount that we receive each year since 2007,”said Van der Stoep.

The Dutch government granted the discount in 2005, after tough negotiations by then-Minister Gerrit Zalm (Finance) and Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende. The reduction was an end to the Dutch position of largest net contributor per person.

”The most important is that this year the negotiations begin for the 2014-2019 budget period. I have a hard head that we still keep the discount. The Dutch government must use it for full or tolerance to other countries”, said PVV’er, which hopes that other parties concerns.

After the Dutch Sweden were paying the highest fee per person (194 euros) , followed by Denmark (135 euros) and Germany (133 euros). Then the inhabitants of five countries. Nineteen of the 27 EU countries were net recipients in 2008.

The European Commission itself does not publish its own calculations of the net contribution of countries per capita any more.