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Dutch car design at Geneva Motor Show

Dutch car designers are very successful. This is evident from the latest creations at the Geneva Motor Show.

Dutch designers are largely responsible for new models of BMW, Audi, Opel, Volvo and Renault. The Geneva auto show opens Thursday to the public.

Adrian van Hooydonk is responsible for the current face of BMW. He is design director at the German brand.

Fedde Talsma, has been active for more than 25 years for the design of Volvo. The new V40, a compact sporty styled station wagon, where he was chief exterior designer.

Also the Audi A3, set to be unveiled at this week’s Geneva Motor Show, has a Dutch designer Mattijs of Tuijl. He has largely defined the interior and focuses on the look, functionality and quality.

It is remarkable that almost all of these designers studied at the university TU Delft. According to Van den Acker Dutch designers are popular with car manufacturers because of their fresh and practical vision. In addition, car manufacturers strive to create models worldwide with a broad audience appeal.