Dutch children starting school at age 2.5

Dutch children starting school at age 2.5

To improve the performance of very young problem children, they can start elementary school at age of 2.5 this summer.

The purpose of this national test, which eventually twenty municipalities will participate, is to let children with an educational disadvantage make a head start in elementary education.

Minister Van Bijsterveld (Education) announced today the large-scale experiment. She is currently in talks with a number of municipalities that shows much interest in the new initiative, including Rotterdam.

A child will get more opportunities to eliminate a language deficit in the years before going to basic education.

Every child deserves this, but a good student who can come along in the classroom is also in favor of teachers, masters and classmates, “said the woman.

She was inspired by a report from the Student Council last year. The advisory suggested that all three year olds should play and learn in a rich educational environment for five mornings in a week.

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