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Top 5 Most Hospitable Cities in the Netherlands

Five Dutch cities have been nominated for the Most Hospitable Dutch City this year.

Breda, Haarlem, Den Bosch, Maastricht and Nijmegen achieved the highest scores this year in the research for the 2010 Most Hospitable City in the Netherlands.

Last summer, Van Spronsen & Partners in cooperation with the Dutch tourist bureau in the Netherlands conducted the consumer survey for the second time.

The city from the 5 most hospitable cities in the Netherlands, with the highest score and will be titled most welcoming city in 2010. On October 14 the winner will be announced in Haarlem, the Most Hospitable City of 2009.

In the recent months, visitors to the 21 largest cities in the Netherlands were questioned about the degree of hospitality of 27 different aspects in the categories “Friendliness and Safety”, “Accessibility and Information,” “City and Architecture ‘and’ Hospitality and Leisure time ‘. Over 8000 visitors in total have been interviewed.