Dutch coffee shops extinct in 2010

In two years time there will be no more Coffee shops the Netherlands.

Professor of criminology, Henk van de Bunt, thinks that in 2010 soft drugs will not be accepted abroad and put an end to this typical Dutch phenomenon.

The criminologists said that tolerance can no longer be explained. Cannabis may be sold but can not be produced or sold.

It was a miscalculation in the design of our tolerance in the seventies that soft drugs would be accepted abroad in the long run.

The mayor of Maastricht Gerd Leers is organizing a conference about the future of the coffee shops on 21st November. The drug policy led to friction this weekend in the coalition. CDA leader Pieter van Geel said on Saturday the congress of his party in Utrecht that the tolerance must come to an end.

The PvdA is opposed to that position. The CDA party has the support of the Christian Union, the coaltie third party. The coalition says that tolerance will continue. Closure of all coffee shops is “a future plan for the long term,” said Van Geel.

In a recent survey, Dutch people do not want coffee shops to disappear from the streets. They have more believe to legalize the production of weed will end crime around soft-drugs.

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