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Dutch comedian accused of plagiarism by Steve Martin

The American comedian Steve Martin accused André van Duin of plagiarism. According to Mr. Martin the act “Mr Zipper” by Van Duin is a copy of one of his most famous routines, The Great Flydini.

Emmy Award-winning American actor, comedian, Steve Martin sent a letter to the Dutch comedian threatening with legal action.
Steve Martin is one of today’s most talented performers. He has had huge success as a film actor, with such credits as Cheaper by the Dozen, Father of the Bride, Roxanne, Parenthood, L.A. Story, and many others.

According to Steve Martin, André van Duin, has not paid for the sketch, Mr. Zipper was the act in 1994 in a TV show for RTL4, where the comedian gets all kinds of stuff out of his fly, including a ringing phone and a burning cigarette.

The show has recently been quite popular on various sites on the Internet. Steve Martin demands that the act will never be preformed again. Also he demands that the Dutch comedian, Van Duin, ensure that all movies are removed from the Internet before May 15th. If not, Steve Martin will start legal action.

It is the second time that the Dutch comedian, Van Duin, has been accused of plagiarism. In early March it became known that his creation Twan the Stuntman from his TV program The Fat Show is a copy of Super Dave, a creation of U.S. comedian Bob Einstein.

Watch André van Duin with Mr. Zipper.

Steven Martin’s The Great Flydini