Dutch company Roamler launches in the UK

Dutch company Roamler launches in the UK

After operating for 5 months in their home country, the Dutch company Roamler has started building their mobile work force in the United Kingdom.

Roamler launched in June this year with an iPhone application enabling users to perform small tasks for Roamler’s customers. By completing these tasks these ‘Roamlers’ earn money (cash) and experience points. Together Roamlers form a mobile workforce.

Since June the community has grown to over 4300 members, covering the majority of the country. Within the first 5 months the community completed over 70.000 tasks, earning them over Eur. 40.000. Some of the customers that already used Roamler for both monitoring jobs and creative tasks are (a.o.) Unilever, PepsiCo, Apple, Heineken, Novartis, Danone, Intersport, ABN AMRO and Rabobank.

The launch in the UK is part of Roamlers international roll out plans. A native support team is already active and ready to provide support for the UK community, starting with a small group of 50 early adaptors (First50). After a testing period more UK Roamlers will be accepted into the community that mainly operates from London. Roamler will roll out in the UK via the main cities, reaching an 80% coverage within approximately 4 months.

The first launching customer within the UK is Walkers. Roamler participated & won the PepsiCo10 start up competition. As a result Roamler will be working with one of their major brands, Walkers.

“We see many possibilities for using the Roamler community to inspire us with insights and creative ideas. We may also work together to get better insights into the positioning and usage of our products in retail, out of home, and in home”, says Adam Warner, Senior Brand Manager of Walkers at PepsiCo UK.

Martijn Nijhuis, co-founder of Roamler: ‘For us, winning the PepsiCo10 and as a result working with Walkers inspires us to make Roamler UK to a similar success as it is becoming in our home country.’

Roamler brings new possibilities to UK companies, especially those operating in FMCG and consumer electronics. As 70% of consumer’s decisions on choosing a product is made in a retail store, these companies put quite a lot of effort into being available and attractively presented in retail. Roamler can help both the brand as the retail owner to get better insights in the execution and therewith help to improve where possible.

To learn more about Roamler, please visit Roamler.com. To be part of the community, please sign in at roamler.co.uk (http://roamler.co.uk/).

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