Dutch consumer interest in 50+ Mbps broadband is growing

Dutch consumer interest in 50+ Mbps broadband is growing

Almost a quarter of Dutch consumers thinks they will need a 50+ Mbps broadband connection in the (near) future. Last year this was one in five consumers and in 2009 it was 15 percent. However, the proportion that is uncertain whether they will ever need 50+ Mbps grew from 30 percent to 37 percent. There is 14 percent that expects to need 50+ Mbps within the next two year, suggesting a market of 760,000 households, up from 590,000 a year ago.

With almost a quarter needing fast broadband in future and 37 percent uncertain, this leaves almost four in ten who do not think they need more than 50 Mbps in the near future. Current fibre users and young consumers between 15 and 19 years old have a greater need for fast broadband, with around 30 percent of them thinking they will need fast broadband in future.

Reggefiber had almost 770,000 households connected by the summer of 2011, which is 200,000 more than a year ago. This is also reflected in the growing market share of fibre, which is at the expense of DSL and PSTN users, as cable is also growing.

Fibre is considered, just like last year, the most likely technology to deliver fast broadband, with 33 percent of respondents saying they expect to use fibre for their future 50+ Mbps broadband service. Cable was named by little over a quarter, but another quarter is unaware which technology is needed for this. This is lower than a year ago, but still a considerable proportion. Among cable users almost half prefers the currently used technology and one third will opt for fibre.

The survey also looked at what consumers find important in their broadband connection. Reliability and price are by far the most important aspects; 80 percent puts these two aspects in their top five. “With more and more devices being connected to the internet at home, it is not surprising that consumers value reliability highly,” says Tine Niezink, market researcher at Telecompaper and co-author of the report ‘Dutch Consumer Connected 2011’.

The report ‘Dutch Consumer Connected 2011’ is based on the Telecompaper Consumer Panel, an online survey conducted in the third quarter of 2011 among more than 14,300 consumers aged 15-65. Results are CBS stratified for age and gender. The report offers findings on broadband usage and interest among consumers, split by household income and make-up, age group and broadband technologies.

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