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Dutch Consumers Less Pessimistic About Economy

Dutch consumers are less pessimistic about the economy but are not willing to spend on major household items, according to recent figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

Dutch consumers were less pessimistic about the economic climate in May than in April, but willingness-to-buy remained at a very low level. The consumer confidence indicator climbed 3 points to -32. The mood improved for the third consecutive month, after the confidence indicator had reached the lowest level ever recorded in February. Consumers are most notably less negative about the future.

Dutch consumers were considerably less pessimistic about the economic climate in the next 12 months; this indicator climbed 13 points. Their opinions on the economic climate over the past 12 months were also somewhat less negative than in April. On balance, the component indicator economic climate rose 8 points to -45.

Consumers were also less pessimistic about their own financial situation in the next twelve months, but they were more negative about their financial situation over the past twelve months. They also thought the time was slightly more unfavourable to buy expensive items like washing machines and TV sets.