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Dutch consumers skimp on hairdressers and beauty treatments

In the first half of this year, turnover generated by hairdresser and beauty salons fell by 3.5 percent relative to the same period in 2012. The number of visits to hairdresser and beauty salons is declining according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

The number of visits to hairdressers and beauticians fell by 5.2 percent over the first six months of 2013. The hairdresser and beautician branch has continuously shown a downward trend over the past thirty months, but the downturn over the first months of 2013 was unprecedented. Dutch consumers less often go to hairdresser and beauty salons and when they do, they opt for less extensive, cheaper treatments. They also spend less on hair and beauty care products.

Turnover generated by hairdressers marginally down
Hairdressers performed better than the hairdresser and beautician branch as a whole. Turnover realised by hairdresser shops declined, but the decline was limited to 1.9 percent. The average price increase was 1.5 percent, the volume of turnover decreased by 3.4 percent.

After a poor year in 2009, the hairdresser and beautician branch picked up briefly in the course of 2010, but has gone downhill continuously since the second quarter of 2011 and turnover and volume developments have been negative. Prices have risen continually, but not enough to compensate for inflation.

Growing number of hairdresser and beauty salons
The number of hairdresser and beauty salons has grown for years; in 2013 by 4 percent relative to 2012. Although turnover and volume figures for both branches are negative, new businesses are started up every year. Since 2008, the number of beauty parlours in particular has risen significantly, i.e. by 44 percent to 24.5 thousand. More than 95 percent are one-man businesses.