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Dutch consumers spent more than 100 million euro on Groupon Vouchers in 2011

A Media Intelligence Lab report, released today, shows that Groupon customers in the Netherlands may have spent up to € 115 million on “Daily deals” in 2011. Although the Dutch new media market research company suggests that the daily deal market is still growing, consolidation of market players is expected for 2012 due to market saturation.

The top three market players in the Netherlands in terms of revenue are believed to be Groupon, Marktplaats Aanbieding (owned by Ebay) and Groupdeal (partly owned by the publisher Telegraaf Media Group).

Groupon’s entry into the Dutch market in 2010 seems to have been a success thus far. The report indicates Groupon’s revenues experienced an average of 50% quarter-on-quarter growth throughout 2011. However, the report questions whether Groupon will be able to sustain this high level of growth going forward. The report suggests that Groupon’s apparent determination to grow as fast as possible by offering as many deals as possible may be too far removed from the original business model that led to the company’s success.

The report, containing detailed intelligence on all key players in the Dutch daily deals market gathered throughout 2011 (prices, discounts, number of deals offered, turnover figures and forecasts for the market up until 2015), can be ordered through Media Intelligence Lab’s website.

Research was performed among 10 key market players in the Netherlands and their offers, backed up by In-depth data analysis on 2000 daily deals offered by Groupon and other market players.