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Dutch Design Awards 2011

Registration for the dutch Design Awards (DDA) 2011 has opened. Until April 30, designers in the Netherlands can register free online to have a chance of winning the highly prized Dutch Design Awards. This ninth edition will see the winner of the Golden Eye (best of the best of Dutch Design) walk away with a money prize of €20,000 for the first time. All the winners will be announced during the festive awards show at the opening of the Dutch Design Week (DDW) on the 22nd of October in the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.

In 2011The DDA stands for excellence in design, in which the quality of the design is paramount. Design’s work field is dynamic and the developments are expressed in the DDA. An important development is that design increasingly plays a role providing solutions to domestic, social and/or economic problems in relation to themes like mobility, ageing population, sustainability, integration,climate, social interaction, etc. This is why the focus of DDA this year is on Collecting stories. In addition to the quality of the design itself, this time around, DDA wants to know more about the story behind the design. How did it come to be? What was the reason behind it? How does the design provide an answer to domestic, social and economic developments? The selection committees and the international professional jury will weigh up these aspects in their evaluation.

In 2011, the DDA will employ three main categories, resulting in a total of nine awards. The selection committees will shortlist finalists from the total range of scouted works and online submissions for each subcategory. The international jury will subsequently select the winners.In addition, prizes are presented for the Best Future concept,Public Award (the public helps choose, presentation at the end of DDW), Best Commission Award and the BNO Piet Zwart Prize -Life Time Achievement Award from the DDA.

c o m m u n i c a t i o n
* Best graphic design
* Best design digital media
* Best motion design

p r o d u c t , s e r v i c e & s y s t e m
* Best consumer product
* Best industrial product
* Best autonomous design

s p a t i a l
* Best private interior
* Best public interior
* Best product public space

Registration is free. In addition to personal registrations, scoutsseek actively for the best work and the best designers in the market. This approach, which proved to be a success in previous years, will be continued this year. Through the website designs can be submitted online for participation up to the 30th of april 2011.

Information about the categories, criteria and rules is available