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Dutch design for largest shopping mall of Scandinavia

Dutch design for largest shopping mall of Scandinavia

Grontmij has been awarded the structural design of the largest shopping mall in Scandinavia; the ‘Mall of Scandinavia’. The assignment was awarded by Peab, one of the leading construction companies in the Nordic region. The total contract value is EUR 392 million. Grontmij’s fee is over EUR 5 million. Grontmij’s works will run until the end of 2014.

The assignment of Grontmij includes the structural design and the coordination of sub suppliers’ engineering work related to the structure of the shopping mall.

The ‘Mall of Scandinavia’ is one of the largest building projects in Sweden. After completion it will be the biggest shopping centre in Scandinavia with approximately 100,000 square metres of retail space. The mall will include a multiplex cinema and 250 shops and restaurants. The Mall of Scandinavia is part of a larger complex which includes a hotel, office spaces and dwellings. It will be located centrally in the Stockholm region. The opening is scheduled for autumn 2015.

Claes Ullén, Project Manager Peab for the Mall of Scandinavia. ‘We received a very positive response from Grontmij. They demonstrated clear commitment, technical competence and creativity in the contractual framework.‘

Leif Bertilsson, CEO of Grontmij Sweden: ‘It’s an honour to be involved in this landmark project for Sweden and Stockholm in particular. It will be one of the most exciting building projects in Sweden for the next years. Together with our Danish Grontmij colleagues we’ll be glad to contribute. This is a good example of our international capability delivered locally.’