Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week (DDW), which takes place from 20 – 28 October 2012, in the city of Eindhoven – the design capital of the Netherlands and a rising star in the European design firmament – provides a platform for the best of Dutch design in all its disciplines and aspects.

The eleventh edition of this influential event offers unique insights into the nearby future of design, showcasing boundless creativity from hundreds of renowned designers and established bureaus as well as from many upcoming, new talents.

DDW presents unparalleled ideas, individualistic works and insightful solutions devised by innovative designers – the core elements of Dutch Design DNA. More than 1,500 designers will display their work, ranging from industrial design, spatial design, and graphic design to textiles, sustainable design and design management & trends.

There are 80 different locations housing more than 300 events and besides exhibitions, there are numerous lectures, workshops, fashion shows and seminars. Admission to the majority of exhibitions is free of charge.

For further information visit www.dutchdesignweek.nl

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