Dutch development funding to support transition in Yemen

Dutch development funding to support transition in Yemen

In a letter today to the House of Representatives, international cooperation minister Ben Knapen announced that the Netherlands is to gradually resume support to help Yemen in its transition process. But at the same time, the Dutch government will closely monitor the situation and of course consult with other donors.

In the aftermath of the widespread unrest in 2011, the signing of an agreement between the government and opposition and the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh marked Yemen’s first moves towards a peaceful transition. Its people’s poverty has dramatically increased in the past twelve months and the transitional government has very limited resources. ‘With support from the international community, the government in Yemen can start building up the country again and win the confidence of the people to carry out democratic reforms,’ said Mr Knapen.

In April 2011 the Netherlands suspended its development partnership with the Yemeni government because Yemeni security forces used excessive violence against peaceful demonstrators. However, funding channelled through civil society organisations (NGOs) continued unaffected. This includes legal assistance to female victims of violence, emergency food aid and accommodation for refugees and displaced persons, and a democratisation programme for young people.

At the moment, the political developments in Yemen are cautiously viewed as positive. There have been no recent reports of large-scale government violence against peaceful protesters. The authorities have promised an independent inquiry into the previous use of violence against demonstrators, and troops are withdrawing from the streets. Meanwhile, President Saleh has transferred his powers to Vice-President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi. Yemen now has a new interim prime minister and a transitional government of national unity. In addition, preparations for the presidential elections on 21 February are in full swing.

source: government.nl

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