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Dutch Dress in Amsterdam Historical Museum

The world famous and infamous Dutch dress from Bavaria is a museum piece. The Amsterdam Historical Museum (AHM) will include the Dutch orange Dress in her collection.

Not the Vuvuzela but the Dutch dress is “the hit of the 2010 World Cup”, according to museum spokesman Hester Gersonius.

“The orange dress stands for ‘originality, brutality, entrepreneurship, creativity and humor, in short, all qualities that belong both to Amsterdam and our museum”

The dress became famous during the World Cup match Netherlands-Denmark. FIFA detained group of dancing ‘Bavaria Babes‘ for wearing orange mini-dresses at the World Cup match in what it says was an ambush marketing scam for a Dutch brewery. World Cup sponsor Budweiser did not allow any competitors in the stadium. Two babes were arrested, send to jail and even had the South African court appearance.

The Amsterdam Historical Museum already has an Orange dress, but tries to obtain one of the original dresses from the South African jail. The dress will not be exhibited permanently, but will likely appear in an exhibition over two years as the European Championship is played.

Bavaria is not a sponsor of the museum. “I think we serve Amstelbeer in the museum” said Gersonius.