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Dutch drug tourism ends

Drug tourism: C’est fini. It’s over. For French and Belgian drug tourists. The dutch cities Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom made an Internet movie “C’est fini” to inform the new drug regulations. The Movie was premiered Monday in Antwerp cinema Cartoons.

On Wednesday, the two cities put an end to the tolerance and from that day may not sell softdrugs anymore in coffee shops. Coffee shops that do get a warning first and then will be closed for five years. The movie shows the new rules with three Flemish teenagers who still try to buy a joint in the Netherlands.

Both Dutch towns in West-Brabant have a total of four coffee shops each that attract 25,000 foreign drug tourists per week. About 90 percent comes from Belgium, says Han Polman, Mayor of Bergen op Zoom. Several hundred drug tourists recently received a letter explaining the new Dutch soft drug policy.

The movie will be shown in cinemas Antwerp for the coming months and can also be viewed via the web at ( and promo flyers are handed out at festivals and the Central Station of Antwerp.

Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal are suffering for years with the drug problems. The mayor Han Polman and his colleague Michel Marijnen announced last October to ban the sale of soft drugs.