Dutch economy needs peace and stability

Dutch economy needs peace and stability

The confidence of Dutch consumers in the economy fell sharply in August. It is now at the same level as during the crisis in 2009. This is shown by figures published by Statistics Netherlands on 18 August.

Economic affairs minister Maxime Verhagen said that the drop in confidence was not unexpected. ‘The Dutch economy is resilient,’ he said. ‘But the unrest caused by the debt crisis and the stock market’s poor performance is taking a toll.’

The consumer confidence index fell from -12 to -21 in August. Consumers are particularly gloomy about the economic climate. Their willingness to buy remained the same. Although they were slightly more negative about their own financial situation, they feel that the time is somewhat more favourable for making major purchases.

Mr Verhagen said that the economy needs peace and stability. ‘The mechanism for calling to account euro countries whose economies are in a mess must be worked out quickly,’ he said. ‘That is how to restore confidence in the economy.’

Source: government.nl

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