Dutch economy shows signs of recovery

The Dutch economy shows more signs of improvement. The economic situation at the end of March was better than at the end of February. This is mainly because the Dutch manufacturing industry recovered further.

The number of jobs lost in the final quarter of last year reached 147,000, compared with the final quarter of 2008, the national statistics office said on Thursday.

This is considerably fewer than in previous quarters, meaning the rate of job losses has slowed, the CBS said.

At the same time, wages were up an average 1.8% in the final three months, below the average 2.4% agreed in most pay deals.

The businesss services sector was hardest hit in terms of job losses in 2009, shedding over 100,000 jobs. The bulk of this is due to companies employing fewer people through staffing agencies, the CBS said.

However, business service companies are increasingly optimistic about 2010, with turnover rising in March for the third month in a row.

And producer confidence in the economy is also on the rise. The manufacturers´ confidence index rose from -5.1 in February to -3 in March.

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Photo by johanwieland

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