Dutch Economic growth continues

The Dutch economy grew by 2.1 percent during the second quarter of 2010 compared with the previous year.

Exports remain the driving force behind the economic recovery. The volume of exports of goods and services was 12 percent higher than the second quarter one year ago. This includes exports of Dutch products known as re-exports. Especially the foreign demand for chemical products, metal and electrical industry was considerably higher.

Household consumption remains weak, the CBS noted. Household expenditure in the second quarter, increased by 0.7 percent compared to last year. The growth is caused by a higher consumption of natural gas due to the cold weather and the purchase of more new cars in the second quarter.

The Dutch industry grew by 8 percent in the second quarter. Trade and transport benefited from this and grew by 6 and 7 percent respectively.

Compared with the previous quarter, the Dutch economy grew by 0.9 percent, according to the report of preliminary estimates from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

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