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Dutch entrepreneurs most stress resistant

The Dutch entrepreneurs are the least stressed in Europe in time of crisis. According to a survey by insurer Hiscox showed that they have suffered the least from stress, sleepless nights or health problems due to worrying about their businesses in economic downturn.

The French were on the contrary, the most stressed entrepreneurs in time of crisis. Over 53% of respondents in France said to have suffered from additional stress due to the economic downturn.

The study in the Netherlands showed that one of three entrepreneurs had problems. Of all Europeans surveyed the Dutch slept best during the crisis. Only 20% said to have sleep problems, compared with 48% of entrepreneurs in France, 39% in Germany and 38% in Britain.

It also appears that the Dutch in comparison with their European colleagues have pumped in the least of their own personal savings to get their businesses through the economic downturn.

A quarter of the Dutch entrepreneurs pumped savings in their company, an average of € 11.714. 22% of Germans invested € 31.770 on average and pumped in the most of their own personal savings, followed by 27% of French businesses, with an average of € 24.870.

The Dutch entrepreneurs also have worked more overtime. A third of them worked on average 16.8 hours per week extra during the crisis. The French worked 13.65 hours and the Germans and the British 13.5 hours and 12.5 hours.

Did you put in any extra hours or invested any of your own personal savings to get your businesses through the last year?

photo by Zhenzation