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Dutch expertise supporting Chile

As part of Dutch foreign minister Uri Rosenthal’s visit to Chile, ICEFood, a joint project between the Chilean government, business community and knowledge institutions, was launched yesterday.

ICEFood, a Centre of Excellence in Research and Development for the Food Industry set up in partnership with Wageningen University, will help to diversify Chilean export. This will allow the country to develop better quality agricultural products more suitable for export.

‘The European market expects consistently good-quality products which can be processed in an efficient logistical chain,’ said Mr Rosenthal. ‘Chile currently exports primarily bulk products and has little expertise in bringing high-quality agricultural products to the market. The Netherlands has this knowledge and experience at its fingertips, so is in a position to help Chile out. We can then function as a gateway to Europe and transship Chilean products. It’s a clear win-win situation.’

The Centre of Excellence was discussed at the meeting between Mr Rosenthal and his Chilean counterpart, Alfredo Moreno. ‘Mr Moreno is enthusiastic about this new partnership. Chile wants to be one of the world’s leading exporters, and has the potential to achieve it. This is a good opportunity for the Netherlands to export technology, knowledge and innovation to Chile and help it take this leap forward,’ Mr Rosenthal added.