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Female DJs Who Know How To Spin The Decks and Keep The Beat Going

Female DJs Who Know How To Spin The Decks and Keep The Beat Going

Meet the top Dutch female DJs

Meet the hottest Dutch Female DJs who know how to spin the decks and keep the beat going at the world’s best clubs and dance music festivals.

The Dutch EDM industry is dominated by men like Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Hardwell and Afrojack. Even though the DJscene sometimes is as much of a Man’s World, nothing is less true. There are plenty of amazing female DJs who put most of their male counterparts to shame.

As the line between DJ and producer becomes increasingly blurred, plenty of women trained as vocalists and instrumentalists are turning to electronic music to express their talents and share their sounds with the world. Let’s take a look at some female DJs who can seriously throw it down.

Meet the top Dutch female DJs who more than hold their own in this boy’s club.

Fajah Lourens


DJ/Producer Fajah Lourens has been in love with electronic music as long as she can remember, so it was no surprise to anyone when she decided to start Djing/Producing music. Her diverse musical pallet is what makes her different from a lot of other DJ/Producers out there, giving her the Edge, passion and feeling to journey in to everything from Electro, Progressive to Deep and other styles. To put it very simple this girl Rocks! Her electrifying live set will leave you wanting more as she pushes her sound, along with the crowd to the limit. Next to Producing and Djing, Fajah still enjoys one of her first loves “Acting” and can be still caught every now and then on TV or up on the silver screen. From major ad campaigns to high profile endorsements, this Dutch beauty shows no signs of slowing down.

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Eva Simons

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Eva’s parents are both musicians. Eva Simons has been playing music for most of her life, but it wasn’t until she wrote and featured on the Afrojack ft Eva Simons breakthrough single “Take Over Control”, that she really found her voice. She has become a massive global dance hit, racking up over a million downloads in the US alone, and over 30 million views on YouTube. Since then, Simons has signed a deal with Interscope Records, collaborated with the likes of, Chris Brown, LMFAO, and Zedd.

She has performed at, and continues to be in huge demand at venues across the four corners of the globe. With her global brand and awareness building everyday, there is plenty on the cards in the not too distant future for the vibrant Ms Simons indeed!

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Eva Shaw

Dutch Canadian born Eva Shaw, formerly known as Bambi, has rapidly made a name for herself this past year in the electronic dance scene. Beginning her DJ career in New York City, Eva developed a solid music fan base very quickly. She was noticed by many immediately and began booking the top nightclubs in NYC. Eva’s heavy drops and bass driven sound continues to make dance floors go wild at every show.

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Carita La Niña


Carita La Niña is the Netherlands’ most popular female DJ. With her upbeat personality, superb skills and buckets of talent, she stands her ground in the cutting -edge Dutch dance scene, thus blazing a trail for all women trying to carve out a career in this male-dominated industry. These days, Carita is performing at the biggest venues in the Netherlands, treating discerning Dutch dance audiences to a varied mix of delightful house and progressive music. As a producer she has done some big things lately. She released music on Revealed Recordings (with Dash Berlin), Armada and Bad Manor. Recently she made official remixes for Beyoncé, Dash Berlin and Britney Spears.

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Chelina Manuhutu

Chelina Manuhutu (1985) born in Huizen, The Netherlands, is a DJ. She grew up in a musical environment with a lot of latin influences, but listened to all kinds of music. The first time she got in touch with the turntables, was when she had the age of 13. Her brother was a DJ and took her wherever he had to perform. With the age of 15 she started doing modeling all over the world and she also joined a girl band for 4 years. After 10 years of hard work she realized her interests in music got bigger and wanted to get it back in her life. She decided to get her own turntables and practice.

In the beginning of 2011 she started her DJ career and she already performed in lots of night/beach clubs such as : Ibiza Blue Marlin, Barcelona Hotel W, Delanos, Paradiso,and many more. Chelina Manuhutu has created a sound of her own. With groovy house, techhouse music with a lot of african, latin drums.

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Sjeazy Pearl

Sjeazy Pearl comes from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A stylish funky lady with her own style in music and appearance. Transforming herself from rapper, to a professional dancer, to a female dj who is ready for the world now. Her unique background comes from her Surinam roots and her musical upbringing in classical & soul music. This resulted in the unique House Sound she plays today.

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Miss Nine

DJ Miss Nine has been a major presence on the dance scene for quite some years now. She was born in Germany as Kristin Schrot and at the age of 16, she started her career as a model and worked for Elite Model Management. After moving to Amsterdam, she discovered her passion for music which eventually led her become a DJ as well. She is also involved with Plan Nederland which is an organization that assists children all across the world. Her goal is to serve as a motivation to children showing them that dreams can come true. Today her tour diary continues to be punctuated with performances all around the globe, spinning at clubs such as Privilege in Ibiza, Avalon in Los Angeles, XS in Las Vegas, Warung in Brazil, Ministry Of Sound in London and Pacha.

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Nikki Nice

Nikki Nice spins the greatest EDM beats and puts in spectacular live-elements herself! During her DJ set she plays the violin, the keytar, and even the piano!

Using her musical talent, professionalism, taste of music, looks, and intense ambition, she knows how to create a strong and striking act. Nikki Nice is a real eye-catcher that will definitely raise many heartbeats.

Nikki Nice showcased her musical skills in venues as Club Air in Amsterdam, Club Bermuda in Eindhoven, Matrixx in Nijmegen, and at big events and festivals such as Extrema Outdoor, Intents Festival, Solar Festival, Wish Outdoor, and Majestic Dance Event. She has performed for companies as Walt Disney, Red Bull, and Heineken as well. Not to mention the stages she performed at in countries such as Marrakech, Aruba, France, and Curacao!

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Joanna Coelho

Joanna Coelho was born in 1987 in the city of Curitiba, in Paraná (province) in southern Brazil. In 2011 Joanna Coelho moved to Holland (Europe). She graduated the Master’s degree in Media Technology at Leiden University and concluded the Electronic Music Production Course at SAE Rotterdam.
In 2012, she put her focus not only in her performances – Joanna dared her first steps as a producer. By some collaborations with other artists, she learned many new things, and want to convince her fans in the future also with “self-made-music”! The starting shot for Joanna Coelho´s global way was done. And after the countries such as Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany already more were fixed.

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Mirella Kroes


Mirella Kroes is the fast rising Amsterdam based DJ who continues to impress with her bespoke performances in the DJ booth. During the last few years, she has quickly risen through the ranks playing deft sets of deep techno.

Hypnotizing grooves and plenty of rawness with an oldscool touch to it at venues across the Netherlands and abroad at places such as Paris, London and Berlin.

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Sandrien truly is one of Amsterdam’s finest techno DJ’s. Now in her fourth year as resident at TrouwAmsterdam – an icon of the city’s nightlife – she has grown from local favourite into international ambassador for the prolific and globally appealing club. Still firmly rooted in her hometown scene and a regular techno headliner at events around The Netherlands, her reach extends well beyond the Dutch border. She has played places like Berghain, Nachtdigital, Machine at London’s Corsica Studio’s and Concrete in Paris.

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Sweet like chocolate but Murdering Dem on the beats! With releases on Mad Decent, Mixmash & Dim Mak and her Loffit concept, she conquering the globe. After 10 successful years as an MC, Lady Bee (Bianca Latupapua) knows how to hype up the crowd and now she is determined to blow up the speakers in every club. This time not with her energetic & powerful voice, but with her unique combination of house, urban & dubstep beats. Her love for becoming a DJ grew in 2002. So Bee bought herself turntables and that’s when her love and passion for music became next level sh*t.

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Lady Lago

Half Portuguese, half Dutch vocalist DJ Lady Lago started playing in 2001. She was one of the first to dj and sing at the same time. As a vocalist she produced a dozen tracks and she produced instrumental tracks as well. One of her Portuguese vocals is to be heard on the compilation of Privilige Ibiza 2005 and a Spanish vocal on the ‘best of ‘ Eric Nouhan & Dimitri “Careful Digit” with who she also performed on Dance Valley 2005. Yes, she sings in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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Sirena is a dj/producer from Amsterdam. Influenced by 15 years of active involvement in the electronic music scene and Ibiza’s DC10 sounds, her style can be described as warm, deep and groovy. Her sets are based on a combination and a great selection of house and techno as she is a refined selector of music. Her career began as a renowned music journalist and increasingly started to appear behind the decks herself as it all started with this; her passion for music. Last year she became resident for FACT worldwide; an internationally recognized event brand that puts on unique events in cities all across Europe. She played at FACT events in Miami during WMC, in Barcelona, Ibiza, London and Amsterdam alongside names such as Danny Howells, Pete Tong, Mathias Kaden, Joel Mull and Sneak.

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Meet MC Boogshe. First Lady of Anna – Agency, Holland’s leading female MC and Youth ambassador of Plan girls first. Looks can be deceiving because this petit lady has got big voice. With her raw and energetic sound she definitely brings a whole new ballgame to the table. Her MC career took off back in 2006 while providing her vocals on the smashing club banger “SLUT” by Dennis Christopher & Tony Cha Cha. It wasn’t long before she got noticed by several international en national DJ/Producers and collaborated with names like Laidback Luke, Starkillers, STFU, DJ Jean, Ralvero and Showtek.

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Miss Djax


Saskia Slegers, better known as Miss Djax, or as many say ‘The Acid Queen’, is living proof that age doesn’t necessarily always brings peace. For 25 years now, she has stomped on the face of techno and acid with hard punishing beats and radioactive sounds. The ferocious releases on her Djax-Up-Beats label helped Chicago and Detroit sounds gain foothold in Europe, as Djax Records was one of the first European labels to put out techno in the early nineties. Having worked in record shops for many years, Saskia met a large number of promising artists whose music never got released because, according to the Dutch record-companies, it was “not commercial” enough. That triggered her to start her own label and in 1989 Djax Records was founded.

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Miss Melera


For the past 10 years, the Haarlem-based Miss Melera has been perfecting her art, and developing mixing skills that have already been compared to legends such as Sasha and John Digweed. She’s done her homework, absorbing the essence behind traditional genres such as progressive, deep and tech house and old-school techno, and then twisting them into a melodic confection that is both fresh and timeless, and completely her own.

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DJ DaY-már

DJ DaY-már was discovered by a scout of the Masters of Hardcore bookings agency (nowadays Most Wanted DJ Agency). From this moment DaY-mar has seen her career skyrocket over the past few years. Having sold thousands of Hardcore records and CD units worldwide since her first big performance at the Thialf Stadium (The Netherlands) in 2005, where she performed for a crowd of more than 15.000 people, this DJ has the credibility to belong to the small elite of female Hardcore artists, and enjoys worldwide success as a DJ and producer.

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DJ Angelique


DJ Angelique has always been busy with listening to music and later on in life sang in a band for a few years. She developed a real passion for Trance and progressive Trance music. In 2010 she bought her own gear and started spinning and for over 3 years she has played at several Trance parties like Quest4Trance 2011, Grotesque 2012 and 2013, Hypnotize 2011, 2012 and 2013, Touch Events 2012 and 2013, and she is resident DJ with Sense for Trance @ Club Senz.

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Isis, formally known as 100% Isis, is one of the female pioneers in the global electronic music scene. As 100% Isis she jumpstarts her career at age 17 with a residency at Club RoXY (Amsterdam) from 1992 -1994. Instantly she starts her long running international career, performing at famous venues and festivals in territories like Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Isis likes to hear the human behind the machines if she’s listen or dance to electronic music. Her DJ style is marked by both hypnotic and acoustic influences, but not bound by a singular musical approach.

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