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One third of Dutch Flowers in decline

The number of flowers in the Netherlands has decreased with 34 percent in the last decade. This is the direct result of the continuous decline in the number of various kinds of butterflies and other insects.

Reported that scientists from Wageningen University, the Butterfly Foundation, the National Monitoring Butterflies and CBS Friday.

Hundreds of volunteers have since 1994 along with flowers and butterflies counted 388 known butterfly routes in the country. Especially in places where thistle herb species and knoopjeskruid disappeared, also the the butterflies left. In ten years the number of butterflies decreased with 28 percent.

Almost a third of Europe’s butterflies are in decline and nearly one in 10 species is threatened with extinction in the region, conservationists warned.

Butterflies for instance, play a hugely pivotal role as pollinators in the ecosystems in which they live.