Dutch food best in the world

Dutch food best in the world

The Netherlands is No. 1 in the world for having the most plentiful, nutritious, healthy and affordable diet, beating France and Switzerland into second place. Chad is last in 125th spot behind Ethiopia and Angola, according to a new food database by worldwide development organization Oxfam.

European countries occupy the entire top 20 bar one – Australia ties in 8th place – while the US, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil and Canada all fall outside. African countries occupy the bottom 30 places in the table except for four – Laos, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India are there too.

Oxfam’s “Good Enough to Eat” index compares 125 countries where full data is available to create a snapshot of the different challenges people face in getting food. Oxfam’s GROW campaign is calling for urgent reform to the way food is produced and distributed around the world to end the scandal of one in eight people going hungry despite there being enough to feed everyone. The new index looks at whether people have enough to eat, food quality, affordability, and dietary health.

On affordability, the UK is among the worst performers in Western Europe, sharing 20th position with Cyprus. Food in Guinea, The Gambia, Chad and Iran costs people two-and-a-half times more than other consumer goods, making those the most expensive countries for citizens to buy food. The price of food in the US is relatively the cheapest and most stable in the world. Angola and Zimbabwe suffer from the most volatile food prices, researchers found.

The countries whose citizens struggle for enough food, with the worst rates of malnourishment and underweight children, are Burundi, Yemen, Madagascar and India. On the other side of the table, Cambodia and Burundi are countries that score better by having among the lowest levels of obesity and diabetes in the world, while US, Mexico, Fiji, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia score most poorly with high rates of obesity and diabetes.

Iceland scores a perfect mark for the quality of its food, in terms of nutritional diversity and safe water. Iceland’s obesity and diabetes levels push it down the table, to 13th spot. Similarly, unhealthy eating pushes the US down to 21st place.

Source: Oxfam

  • a food lover

    Hahahaha. What an outrageous lie. Did Oxfam actually taste Dutch food? Where is this affordable, nutritious food to be found? All the Dutch people I know eat white bread, dairy dairy dairy and fried animal by-products. And the restaurant prices here are outrageous. Easily twice as much as much as Berlin or even London. And half the quality. And never open for lunch. Which makes me wonder how exactly this survey was carried out. Or whose palms were greased.

  • europe 2

    I have lived my entire life in netherlands, overall, and There is no real dutch food, the only thing that is real dutch is boerenkool met worst, farmer’s cabbage with sausage, and cheese, thats why they are often called kaaskoppen , cheeseheads, that is typical dutch eating, the rest of their food is all from other culture’s in their country, it is all forreign cooking, the dutch have nothing of themselfs, all food comes from their rich colonial time that lastest 500 years, golden age, and recently with the gastworkersgenerations from the 1950 till 2014, and from the usa, like mc donalds and the rest, even the french fries are from Belgique,their Flamish neighbours and not netherlands, although they won’t admit it, thats why a lot of dutch people often go the the local chinese restaurants and shoarma shops, because they can’t see their own food no more !

  • mpoutsas

    dutch food is the WORST FOOD ON THE PLANET

  • Kaila

    There’s no such thing as ‘Dutch food’. We just like to eat whatever our neighbours are eating. Whenever someone asks what my favourite Dutch meal is, I reply with “anything from Indonesia”.

  • lin sargent

    I have to admit this article seems a little off. I’ve just spent 30 minutes comparing UK/NL supermarket prices. I shall research further…….

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